Tough Mudder Richard Fee ‘The Experience’

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In November 2012 the Eye Feel Good Outdoors lads took on the mighty Tough Mudder Event in Chester UK.

The gruelling 12 mile cross country obstacle course is filled with pain and torture… BUT for some it’s more pain than expected.

Richard Fee the Chief Executive of Eye Feel Good Cancer Charity will do anything for Eye Feel Good. I think this proves it!


‘’Participating in Tough Mudder is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.
Don’t get me wrong, it was TOUGH, wet, muddy, cold, physically & mentally demanding.
I learnt so much from the experience with my team mates always at each other’s side helping and encouraging along the journey (they are my Tough Brudders), I also learnt a lot about myself especially when the going got tough and I was tired, cold, taking cramp everywhere but my mind-set was only one thing…Keep going, never give up and do it for the team. I am proud to say… I AM A TOUGH MUDDER.
When I say ‘Tough’…you say ‘Mudder’. TOUGH – MUDDER’’  
Richard Fee

The following video shows how TOUGH it really was. Some may find this funny and some may find this distressing… This is TOUGH MUDDER Richard Fee being shocked with 10000volts over and over and over again. The water increases the conductivity and Rick is zapped several times in the head and body. Not able to close his eye lids with the shocks he face plants the mud eyes open. Being pulled from the obstacle he is beaten and blinded. BUT HE IS A TOUGH MUDDER and finishes the course.

Click here for video Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy

From Tough Mudder website -- Electroshock Therapy --  Sprint through a field of live wires — some carrying as much as 10,000 volts of electric shock. Watch out for hay bales and deep mud, or you will face-plant into some electrifying mud. Some Mudders℠ try to stealthily wind their way through the wires without getting shocked, while others barrel forward to get through as quickly as possible. Either way, you are guaranteed to get zapped with as much as 10,000 volts of electricity and it does NOT tickle. This is typically the last obstacle Mudders℠ must overcome before they cross the finish line.

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Eye Feel Good At TOUGH MUDDER 2012

The content, views or opinions expressed in this article are in no way associated or representative of Tough Mudder.

Eye Feel Good Outdoors takes on the toughest test yet… TOUGH MUDDER 2012

Tough Mudder is a HARDCORE 12 mile-long obstacle course designed by the Special Forces to test all-round strength, stamina, mental grit and camaraderie. With the most innovative courses and half a million inspiring participants, Tough Mudder is the premier adventure challenge in the world.


9 boys came back MEN. (Well 7 came back men the other 2 ran round with cameras and camcorders!) It all began 9 weeks ago with a conversation between James Rees-Hopkins a personal trainer and owner of Bearfit with Eye Feel Good Chief Executive Richard Fee. From there a team was built and with several muddy training sessions at Antrim Lough Shore the 7 eager participants were ready.

6 flew from Belfast, 2 drove from Scotland and 1 came from Manchester to take on the mighty Tough Mudder Challenge in Cholmondeley, Cheshire. Richard Fee, James Rees-Hopkins, Mark Kennedy, Mark Gaul, Brian Morrison, Maurice Graffin and David Foster where Team Eye Feel Good with Oliver Boyd and Gavin McLaughlin as Support and Camera Men.

It was a cold wet muddy morning but sprites where high!

This shot of the EFGO Team in front of the castle ready to take on the Tough Mudder Challenge. From Left to right – James Rees-Hopkins, Brian Morrison, Mark Kennedy, Richard Fee, Mark Gaul, Maurice Graffin and David Foster.

The lads run off from the starting line unaware of the torture to follow.

The two Mark’s icing with death: Plunging into to an ice bath called ‘Arctic Enema’ they have to jump into the ice bath and duck under a barbed fence… COLD!

Team EFGO tackle the freezing lake… Under barrels!

They thought the ice bath was bad but then they hit the ‘Under Barrels’… Brain freeze understatement. Seeing stars and losing vital body heat was extreme. Followed by more 20ft walls to climb and logs to carry!

EFGO Team took on the ‘walk the plank’ obstacle in style.

Rick just about to become a monkey or else fall into the freezing muddy water…

This is the aftermath of Rick from the ‘Electroshock Therapy’… Poor rick took it like a real MAN. Video coming soon


After 19 torturous obstacles the last one was called ‘Electroshock Therapy’… The most feared obstacle of them all… Richard took it bad but made it after being shocked several times and blinded with mud. Being pulled out by the rest of the team was his only option!

For more photographs and videos visit our Facebook page. Eye Feel Good Outdoors. Big THANK YOU to Devine Designs and Junction One International Outlet for the sponsorship of our team clothing.

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Junction One Ford Car Show 2012

Eye Feel Good received a £500 donation from the Junction One Ford Car Show on Sunday 23rd September 2012. It was a fantastic day with approximately 180 cars on show… A massive turn out. A real display of dedication and enthusiasm.

On behalf of Eye Feel Good Cancer Charity we would like to say THANK YOU to ALL the people involved with the car show.

Wilson Mills (Wilson Mills Building Contractors) the host of the event and Valerie McLernon (Operations Manager for Junction One International) handed over a  cheque to Oliver Boyd (Operations Manager for Eye Feel Good Outdoors) for £500 on behalf of Richard Fee (Chief Executive of Eye Feel Good Cancer Charity)

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£3700 Donation to Macmillan’s Antrim Appeal

Richard and Mark From Eye Feel Good Donate Cheque to Cynthia Cherry

Richard and Mark From Eye Feel Good Hand Over Cheque to Cynthia Cherry

Eye Feel Good handed over a cheque donation for £3700 to Cynthia Cherry on Thursday 16th August 2012.

Cynthia is been raising money for Macmillan’s Palliative Care Unit at Antrim Area Hospital.

The handing over the cheque also marks the start of another fundraising year for Eye Feel Good who are now Junction One’s Official Charity for 2012/ 2013.


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Lough Neagh Rescue donation from SUP the LOUGH 2012

Richard Fee Chief Executive of Eye Feel Good Outdoors donating money rasied from the SUP the Lough Festival 2012, to the very deserving Lough Neagh Rescue, one of the choosen charities for the event.

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Asda Community Living

Two of our hard working volunteers Caroline and Katie receiving a cheque from Barbara from Asda Community living. Thank you to everyone who placed a green token under our charity logo.

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Eye Feel Good Outdoors goes to Sligo.

Over the Irish bank holiday EFGO travelled to Strandhill in Sligo with the climbing wall to set up at the Strandhill Surf Festival 2012. We had an excellent reception and given great feedback from the Sligo people. 

Monies where raised for Surf and Heal charity. 

The team stayed at Ocean Wave Lodge and would like to say thank you… it was very clean, spacious and good value. With excellent landlords. We then sampled the food at the Venue and again superb meals a service.

Before returning home we visited Lough Gill with are friends from SUP for ALL and had a tour down the River Bonet.

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Eye Feel Good Charity of the Year for Junction One International Shopping Outlet

Fantastic news for EYE FEEL GOOD Cancer Charity.

EFG have now become JUNCTION ONE International shopping Outlet’s OFFICIAL Charity of the year. We will be holding several events at Junction One and involved in many more over the coming year so watch this space. To all the stores who are helping with are charity we THANK YOU and we’ll organise something for you all to join in with soon.

Special thank you to the following for carrying our Eye Feel Good donation boxes.

Café Delish, Vistor Information Centre, Lakeland, Pavers, Staccato, Klass, Quiz, Bags ETC, Bose, The Cosmetics Store, GAP, Austin Reed, Famous Footwear, Clarks, Toy Town baby World, Kitchen and Gift,  Next, Nike, Levis, Mountain Warehouse, Autonomy, Chapelle, Tresspass, Thorntons, Oneida, Tefal, Denby, Paco, Starbucks, We Make, O2, Moss, Event Jewellery, Costa Coffee, Funky Monkeys and Moes Grill Restaurant.

For more about Junction One Shopping Outlet visit

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RNLI donation from SUP the LOUGH 2012

SUP the LOUGH Festival 2012 raised £615 to split between RNLI, Lough Neagh Rescue and Eye Feel Good Cancer charity. Eye Feel Good Outdoors Operations Manager and SUP the LOUGH organiser Oliver Boyd handed over a check for £257.50 to Tim Doran RNLI Lifeguard Supervisor on Portstewart Strand. Thanks to all the Lifeguards for keeping the beaches safe this year for water users and beach goers.

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SUP the LOUGH Festival 2012

SUP’er Event.

The first flat water stand up paddle board contest in Northern Ireland went extremely well, many travelling from Dublin and further. Hosted by Eye Feel Good Outdoors the SUP contest was held at Lough Neagh Antrim Shore.

The conditions where perfect with glassy water, little breeze and sun with 28 competitor entries.

The morning started with registration at 9am then the 4.5km technical races began at 11am. This race starts with a running start then around a course laid out by buoys and then back to land for a short run and back out for another water course ending with a running finish.

On land the festival started with music, trade stalls from the sponsors and activities including mobile climbing wall and high ropes course.

The next race was the 18km and 10km Marathons. Floating start and course plotted out with smiley face buoys to keep the competitors smiling… was along slog but the Walk on Water and Surfdock elite races from Dublin showed what they are made of and flew round the course. During this the children’s race was run.

Later came the 1km sprint which was a river course and many newer northern competitors entered. Representatives from the Causeway Coast Surf Club and entered with Andy Hill winning his division.

The Festival ended with the awards ceremony and evening party in the Store House.

The event raised £615 for the RNLI, Lough Neagh Rescue and Eye Feel Good Cancer Charity.

Look out for next year’s event… it’s going to be bigger and better

Thank you to

Dublin Sup, SUP for All, Mara, Huku, Troggs, Walk on Water, Atlantic Soul Surf, Causeway Coast Surf Club, Swell Seekers, SurfSUPNI, Cobb, Water Dragon, Surfdock, Farmview Dairies, Gary McCall Photography and Antrim Council for your support and sponsor.

Big thank you to all the Eye Feel Good Outdoors supporters, volunteer’s, marshals and water support.

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