2011 Charity Canoe Trip Day 1

Route: Antrim to Ballyronan

Total Distance: 11.66 miles

The Eye Feel Good crew set off from Antrim’s Lough Shore Marina to Ballyronan on Thursday 14th April 2010 with the most perfect conditions imaginable.  Lough Neagh was like a Mill Pond.

Pam Lewis, Mayor of Antrim, came down to wish the team well on their adventure.  Richard and Mark had a good chat with the Mayor who was extremely impressed by the EFG setup.

Safety cover for the Lough Neagh crossing was provided by Martin Kidd and Members of the Antrim Boat Club.  Thankfully, on the day, we didn’t have to call upon their services but we are very appreciative of their support.

At 0920 we bid farewell to friends and family and set off for Cranfield Bay.

After 2 hours of paddling on glassy water the Eye Feel Good crew arrived in Cranfield Bay well ahead of schedule.  Spirits were high and the entire team was in great form due to the weather and conditions being so favourable.

We left Cranfield and headed towards Skady Tower and then ontowards Ballyronan.  The going was good and Lough Neagh showed us her caring side all day.

When putting plans in place for the trip we had expected to arrive in Ballyronan harbour between 1700 and 1800.  Instead we arrived almost 2 hours ahead of schedule.  After landing at Ballyronan the team set up camp and prepared their evening meals.

Day 1 was an absolute pleasure.  Was it just the calm before the storm ?

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