Eye Feel Good Canoe Training Weekend

The Eye Feel Good training weekend took place at the Lough Shore on Saturday 26th and Sunday 27th March.

The training was to prepare the expedition team for the arduous 3 day trip from Antrim to Castlerock which begins in Antrim on the 14th April.  Those taking part in the trip are aiming to raise funds for local cancer charity Eye Feel Good who raised over £15, 000 during their first 18 months of fundraising from October 2009.

Eye Feel Good 2010 Canoe Crew
The training covered everything from basic paddling techniques to survival and rescue skills.

Richard With Some of the Crew

The training was led by Mobile Team Adventure who have been nominated by Eye Feel Good as the technical support for the trip.

Support Strokes - As John Tries to Sink Mark and Richard

Last year’s expedition saw 18 participants take part with 2 staff from Mobile Team adventures.  The 2011 expedition will have 30 participants and 6 staff from Mobile Team Adventure.

Jonny and Dave

An Eye Feel Good spokesperson said “The weekend we had a the lough characterises so much that is good about the people of Antrim.  Good weather comes to good people and we had it this weekend.”


“We have people of all ages and backgrounds taking part in the trip this year.  They are all united by a common cause and that is to raise money for charity.  They are bonded by a common goal and that is to paddle under their own steam from Antrim to Castlerock.”

Gerry Gunwale Bobbing

“On the saturday morning we started with 30+ individuals and by Sunday afternoon we had one team”

The Mavericks - It's How They Roll

If you would like to offer your support to Eye Feel Good you can:

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