Tough Mudder Richard Fee ‘The Experience’

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In November 2012 the Eye Feel Good Outdoors lads took on the mighty Tough Mudder Event in Chester UK.

The gruelling 12 mile cross country obstacle course is filled with pain and torture… BUT for some it’s more pain than expected.

Richard Fee the Chief Executive of Eye Feel Good Cancer Charity will do anything for Eye Feel Good. I think this proves it!


‘’Participating in Tough Mudder is definitely one of the best experiences I have ever had.
Don’t get me wrong, it was TOUGH, wet, muddy, cold, physically & mentally demanding.
I learnt so much from the experience with my team mates always at each other’s side helping and encouraging along the journey (they are my Tough Brudders), I also learnt a lot about myself especially when the going got tough and I was tired, cold, taking cramp everywhere but my mind-set was only one thing…Keep going, never give up and do it for the team. I am proud to say… I AM A TOUGH MUDDER.
When I say ‘Tough’…you say ‘Mudder’. TOUGH – MUDDER’’  
Richard Fee

The following video shows how TOUGH it really was. Some may find this funny and some may find this distressing… This is TOUGH MUDDER Richard Fee being shocked with 10000volts over and over and over again. The water increases the conductivity and Rick is zapped several times in the head and body. Not able to close his eye lids with the shocks he face plants the mud eyes open. Being pulled from the obstacle he is beaten and blinded. BUT HE IS A TOUGH MUDDER and finishes the course.

Click here for video Tough Mudder Electroshock Therapy

From Tough Mudder website -- Electroshock Therapy --  Sprint through a field of live wires — some carrying as much as 10,000 volts of electric shock. Watch out for hay bales and deep mud, or you will face-plant into some electrifying mud. Some Mudders℠ try to stealthily wind their way through the wires without getting shocked, while others barrel forward to get through as quickly as possible. Either way, you are guaranteed to get zapped with as much as 10,000 volts of electricity and it does NOT tickle. This is typically the last obstacle Mudders℠ must overcome before they cross the finish line.

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